The Matrix Slot Demo

The Matrix Slot Demo Review RTP 95.14% (Playtech)

You must be ready to play The Matrix slot demo. Although The Matrix was released in 1999, it took 18 years for developers to secure the rights and create a slot machine that was based on this immensely successful movie. Despite the fact that the game was published in 2017, we will ultimately receive that from Playtech.

A Review of The Matrix Slot Demo

With features like Agent Smith Free Games, Games, a Déjà vu Shuffle, Nebuchadnezzar Unlimited Free, Black Cat wilds, Neo wilds, and scatters, The Matrix slot demo is largely influenced by the first movie. 

At least in terms of features. With 50 active lines over 5 reels, the layout is rather big. If you play this game at the highest bet, the prize is $10,000.

1. Betting Option

You may anticipate having the option to put stakes of up to $100 every spin, with each line obtaining a maximum of $2. However, you can gamble as low as $0.01 if you so want, which would mean that the minimum bet would be $0.50. In any case, you can only change the amount of money going to the active lines.

The wild symbol is the only one that forms winning combinations and pays up to 500 coins, or up to $1,000, when it comes to larger payouts. The game’s average RTP, which is 95.14%, is a little lower than that of other recent releases.

2. Slot Features

The first feature in The Matrix slot demo that immediately comes to mind is the one that displays Neo’s image to us in the green Matrix code fashion. This symbol serves as a stand-in for any other symbols that might require it and may also be used alone in a combination. 

The best rewards on the machine, which may total up to 500 coins, will come from it. The Free Games scatter is the only other symbol that a Neo Wild cannot replace.

This game has a second wild symbol that features a black cat as its design. It only appears on reel 5, and like the wild, it can replace most symbols with the exception of the scatter. This Black Cat wild will replicate to reel 1 if you cover the full fifth reel with it. 

Deja Fu Shuffle

This will trigger the Deja Fu Shuffle feature. With the aid of the 8 Black Cat wilds that are now available on the reels, this will shuffle the symbols on the screen and give you the opportunity to create new winning combinations.

Two separate free game modes are available in The Matrix, but in order to access them, three scatter symbols must appear on reels 1, 3, and 5 simultaneously. 

Simple logos with the phrase “Free Games” are placed on such scatters. They are based on the Red/Blue Pill option since those are the two colors that correspond to the different game modes.

Red Agent Smith

There are 8 spins available in the Red Agent Smith free games. The reels will be overrun by Agent Smith symbols throughout these spins. Additional Agent Smith symbols are added to each spin. During these free spins, there is a decent chance of scoring some significant prizes. The functionality cannot be reactivated.

For the second option, you can play the Nebuchadnezzar free games for an infinite number of rounds, at which time wild symbols will swarm the reels. If you land four or more of these wilds on the reels simultaneously, the spins come to an end.

3. Design and Theme

Despite being based on a 1999 movie, the game has a somewhat contemporary appearance. Many of the green code-like images from The Matrix are still present, along with the movie’s cast of characters. Along with other actors that are more clearly identifiable, you have a version of Neo that resembles code.

Our Conclusion

Playtech succeeded with The Matrix slot demo; we just wish it had been released sooner and that a slot machine based on the movie hadn’t been delayed until 2017.

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