Triple Diamond Slot Demo

Triple Diamond Slot Demo Machine Review: Looks and All Explanation

Classic slot machines have been popular in various betting establishments for almost a hundred years. That said, most of the classic games you’ll find in a casino have been replaced by more modern games that have more interactive features, more paylines and huge progressive jackpots that seem to attract players.


For me, classic slots still retain their charm and I often find myself playing these machines in a physical casino rather than more modern games. In my opinion, these are usually classic slots, table games or sitting at the bar and sipping drinks.

International Game Technology (IGT) has built a gaming empire with classic slots and this tradition continues with the continued release of 3-reel slots. Triple Diamond is a great example of this and it has been a fixture in many casinos around the world for years. Fans of Vegas slots are familiar with the Double Diamond slot demo , another popular title in the series by IGT.


This review tells you how to play Triple Diamond. Triple Diamond Free Slot Machine is a 3 reel, 9 payline game with multiple line styles such as straights, diagonals and Vs. The game features classic slot machine symbols with the Triple Diamond symbol , various colored bar symbols and 7s.

According to the paytable the game pays 2 credits for a Triple Diamond symbol, 10 credits for two Triple Diamonds and 2,000 credits for three Triple Diamonds. Players who land all three symbols on the 9th payline win the maximum prize of 25,000 credits.

Other winning symbols on the Triple Diamonds slot include three 7s which pay 100 credits, three yellow bars which pay 40 credits, three purple bars which pay 20 credits, three blue bars which pay 10 credits and three black bars which pay 5 credits .

The credits are the interesting point of this Triple Diamonds free slot, as they are available in several denominations, including nickel, dime and quarter. Up to 45 credits can be wagered per spin, i.e. up to 5 credits per line. Triple Diamond free slot machines have everything you need. To know everything, play the Triple Diamond slot machine in demo mode that means for free.

The Triple Diamond game is available exclusively through IGT’s S2000 platform which provides stereo sound, backlit symbols and a mechanical lever on the side that you can use, as well as several buttons. Players with huge wins can have up to 1,000 credits paid out by the machine, while larger wins must be paid out by an employee.

Playing to Experience

When it comes to actually playing the Triple Diamond slot, I was surprised by the quality of the game itself. The reels spun really well and gave that classic feel that I enjoy. The Triple Diamonds game doesn’t get hits very frequently, but when it does, it definitely seems worth it. The holographic look on the bottom of the reels seems to work really well for the look of the game, as the colors really look like they are reflecting off the casino floor. Experience it all for yourself by playing the Triple Diamond slot game.

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Players who are looking for a good quality classic video slot should definitely check it out. The Triple Diamonds free slot game is one that offers a large amount of paylines for a classic slot, beautiful graphics and quality sound, and some huge potential wins that can really make your day.

Is Triple Diamond Slot as shiny and bright as the fancy new video slots? No. But she’s certainly a wary old veteran who does her best to keep things simple and entertaining. Then play the Triple Diamond Free Slot!

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